About Us

Clothing made for you
Say goodbye to mass-produced clothing and hello to clothing made exclusively for you. We make sure you feel as good as you look wearing custom-tailored clothing true to your unique fit and style. Don’t let your clothing decide who you are; decide it for yourself.

Advanced technology
We like to describe ourselves as a tech company that does custom clothing. Using advanced technology and algorithms, we provide you with the fit & design of a lifetime.

A smarter choice
We’re far from an ordinary clothing company. We only produce by order and keep no inventory, resulting in less waste and excessive production. We take pride in fully owning and operating our facilities, ensuring responsible and fair production.

Our story
It all started back in 2020 when we moved back from DXB, and we intended to do something new. An idea was born; why not offer this concept of online tailoring? An online tailoring company was something new back then and we revolutionized the concept totally. Over the period of time we earn the reputation of making quality products around the world. As things moves positively we are now expanding by adding new  categories of Ready Made products along with our signature customized tailoring services.